Site Survey Resources

Site Survey Instructions

Please contact Rebecca or Brad if you have any questions or concerns. Notes about private property are on in the site descriptions in the map -for those, the organization that did the project is leading the first round of sampling in May; if any are put up after 4/30/21 that do, that will be clearly noted.


A number of conservation projects need to be visited on a regular basis to report on progress and potential problems. We are asking volunteers to go to these sites and report on signage, plantings, invasive plants, and other issues. Take pictures of any issues you find: sign or plant damage; plants you are concerned about; etc..

Here are the steps to take:

  • Check out the map here and find a place or two that you are interested in visiting. Click on the map point to learn more about the site.
  • Visit SignUpGenius and see if your desired location has an opening.  If so, please sign up.
  • Top priority to getting at least one survey for each site. 
  • You can feel free to go out and do a survey on site ‘taken’ by someone else if it is nearby your house or for any other reason and submit the information. If you plan to do that, please reach out to us and let us know – but any/all experience is good, and all data is good!
  • Several groups and individuals have signed up for sites and will be leading ‘training runs.” If you want to be a part of the mailing list of folks who are told about training runs, make sure Brad has that information. 
  • Visit the site and fill out the following form from your phone in the field.
  • If you have a Gmail account and would like to be able to directly upload photos from the form on your phone in the field, use this link which takes you to a Gmail enabled version of the form. You will have be logged into your Gmail account on your phone to use this.
  • If you would rather have a print copy to take to the site, that can be found here – please subsequently enter the data collected on paper into the form from a computer or tablet.
  • Send pictures via email to, include the site location & date taken in the subject line.
  • Do your sites during the month of May!!

Training Video

Here is the link to review the training video, which is about 50 minutes long.

Additional information

There are a number of apps that you can use to help identify plants.  You take a picture of the plant (flower, leaf, or fruit), and it suggests a plant that it might be, with references and pictures to help you decide if the suggestion is correct. If you have a favorite App that you have used successfully, please let us know.  A few free Apps for Android and Apple are:

  • PlantNet
  • iNaturalist
  • NatureID
  • And many more.

SW PA Common Noxious & Invasive Weeds:  

PA List of Invasive plants (best used offline)