Lehigh Valley Watershed Flow

What is happening in conservation in the Lehigh Valley as of November 2, 2022

Want to know what is going on in the watershed world this month? check out the Lehigh valley watershed flow!

Upcoming Events and Current Happenings to Share

Lehigh Valley Watershed Flow

November 2, 2022

Bushkill Stream Conservancy

  • Planted 200 saplings and 30 shrubs and larger trees.
  • Discussed our future direction of the BSC goals. The education and outreach committee has a date set for meeting.
  • Discussed officers and potential board members for 2023.
  • Discussed possible new meeting place. Will try meeting room at Tony’s Pizza for November.

Cook’s Creek Watershed Association *

  • Annual Fall dinner and talk on American Chestnut was fantastic
  • Presented signs at Durham and Springfield Townships in September
  • Durham Community Day (October 15th)
  • Roadside Cleanup (Nov 5)

Martins Jacoby Watershed Association

  • Working on stream monitoring plans
  • Ongoing conversation on pending developments and land acquisitions
  • Provided comments to the DRBC on the Portland Water Authority’s water withdrawal request.
  • Upper Mount Bethel Preserve – there are meetings scheduled on passive and active recreation use of the fen site.
  • Minsi Lake Greenway Corridor and Stewardship Plan is in final draft

Monocacy Creek Watershed Association

  • Continuing to make progress on creating the Gertrude Fox Conservation Area trail, with the addition this week of the trailhead “ramp” and the planting of the 35+ WCLV native perennials along the overlook. Signage should be delivered and installed in the next couple weeks.
  • Participated in the Monocacy Farm Food Festival on October 16, getting contact info from 10 new Monocacy Creek fans as a bonus.
  • Beginning the planning stages of a live stake nursery at the Farm.

Fry’s Run Watershed Association

  • Did macro sampling during the past month and chemical testing
  • Adopt-a-Highway scheduled for Saturday, November 12th

Bertsch Hokendauqua Catasauqua Watershed Association

  • BHCWA hosted an open discussion on combating warehouses, which many present were able to attend!  A lot of good talk was had and some action plans were made, but most importantly an open line of communication was established between the various municipalities to help us tie our efforts together.
  • A TapTalk is being held in the BHCWA watershed at Blocker’s Coffee House in Catasauqua!  On November 17th Zachary Rudd from the PA Fish and Boat Commission will be speaking at 6 o’clock.  The cafe is opening up just for us so come enjoy a cup while listening to a great presentation!

Saucon Creek Watershed Association

Completed October Projects

  • LSSA Riparian Buffer

Future Projects

  • Lower Saucon Road Litter Cleanup November 5
  • Hellertown Water Street Park Swale
  • Hellertown Historical Society Pond Buffer
  • Bylaws
  • Social and Print Media
  • Letters to Municipalities

Northampton County Parks

Recent accomplishments

  •  Planted 7 acres of former crop field in native warm season grass & wildflower seeds at Wayne Grube Park.
  •  Prepared four 100 square meter experimental agroforestry plots at Wayne Grube Park & planted one of them; the other three will be planted yet this fall.
  • Submitted DCNR Grant App for recreational & infrastructural improvements at Minsi Lake Park.
  • Removed, cleaned & stored indoors for the winter, 72 Purple Martin nesting gourds from four gourd towers at Louise Moore & Minsi Lake Parks—each tower supports 18 gourds.
  • Began 3rd year of autumn treatment (spraying, girdling & removing) of invasive understory shrubs in Matson’s Woods—a 6-acre old growth woodland at Louise Moore Park.


  • 1st year in a 2-year plan of contract spraying Phragmites on Minsi Lake later this fall: postponed to next year due to early frost kill.
  • 2nd year in an ongoing plan to spray cut Japanese knotweed this month in the Minsi Lake Greenway with parks staff: postponed to next year due to early frost kill.
  • Had to postpone spraying Japanese knotweed at Fry’s Run Park due to early frost kill.
  • Cut down trees & shrubs along nearly 2000 linear feet of stone rows in 3 meadows at Totts Gap Conservation Area in order to expand nesting habitat for Bobolinks & Eastern Meadowlarks; secured quote for tree removal.


  • 3rd Annual Northampton County Festival was successfully held at Louise Moore Park on 10/08
  • Wildlands Conservancy delivered 4 outdoor recreation & environmental education programs for NorCo Park.

MWS Program

Recent Activities

  • 9/30 Installation of Pollinator Garden/Demo Meadow in Upper Nazareth
  • 10/16 Successful Paddle and Pizza at Lake Nock with LL Bean
  • 10/18 MWS, MG, & 4-H had a display at the LV Greenways Open House at Jacobsburg State Park highlighting Future Master Watershed Steward Programming
  • 10/20-21 Sorted and delivered the MWS Annual Native Tree and Shrub Sale
  • 10/20 Homeowners Guide for Stormwater program in partnership with Lehigh County Conservation District and Lehigh County Authority
  • 10/21 Assisted Master Gardeners install the Native Shrub Demo Garden at the Lehigh Extension Office
  • 10/24

Upcoming Activities/Events

  • Hiring new Master Gardener Extension Educator – at offer stage.
  • 11/7 – 9AM Coffee with the Coordinator
  • 11/17 – TapTalk: PA Fish and Boat, Zach Rudd, Blockers Coffee House in Catasauqua, PA
  • Brad is working on a DEP Environmental Education Grant for Youth Environmental Education Programming – Rain to Drain, Watershed Decisions, and Future Master Watershed Steward Programs.
  • Planning MWS 10 Year Celebratory trip to Chincoteague Bay Field Station with MWS Charlie Kopcho

Aquashicola Pohopoco Watershed Conservancy

  • No other pressing updates at the moment

Tobyhanna Creek Tunkhannock Creek Watershed Association


  • Warnerstowns Falls Hike went well on 10/22 with some new faces attending
  • TCTCWA will be expanding the Tunkhannock Creek sensor network in mid-November.  In the process, Geoff will be attending a Stroud workshop to learn how to assemble and program a remote sensor from scratch.

Little Lehigh WS

  • Planning a Jordan Creek Cleanup on November 19th from 9:00-12:00


Wildlands has many public education events upcoming: https://www.wildlandspa.org/events/