Board Of Directors

Rebecca KennedyPresident
Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca Hayden Kennedy has acted as the President of the Watershed Coalition of the Lehigh Valley since 2009. She works as a project manager for PENNVEST, and is active in a wide variety of community-based water resource initiatives, among them the Master Watershed Steward program. She has a background in geology and water resource management, and enjoys biking, swimming, kayaking, running, and anything outdoors.
nate_pVice President
Nate Pritchard

Nate Pritchard is the Watershed Specialist and Agricultural Technician for Northampton County Conservation District. Prior to joining the conservation district, Nate worked for approximately 8 years for an environmental consulting firm doing site investigation and remediation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, carrying out brownfield remediation, geotechnical sampling, and work related to the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania. He holds a B.A. in Geosciences from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA
Jerry MistalTreasurer
Gerald Mistal

Gerald Mistal is a Master Watershed Steward and Wildlands Conservancy’s 2013 Volunteer of the Year.  He enjoys hiking and kayaking, and dreams of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  His wife prefers day hikes.
James WilsonSecretary
Jim Wilson 
Jim is a founding member of WCLV and serves as secretary of the organization. From 2008 to 2015, he was the watershed specialist with the Northampton County Conservation District. Since 2015, Jim works as the recreation specialist with the Northampton County Division of Parks & Recreation. He enjoys birding, kayaking, exploring nature and spending time with family in the North Carolina Outer Banks.
Keri MaxfieldKeri Maxfield
Keri Maxfield has been involved in watershed protection since 1998, and has been the President of the Saucon Creek Watershed Association since 2007. With over 25 years professional experience in the arts, Keri specializes in environmental science communication and community outreach.  She is the Art Director at Nurture Nature Center, Easton PA where she is responsible for visual interpretation of science content. Keri and her husband Tom live in Lower Saucon with their two cats. Gardening is her therapy.
Michael Harrington 
Michael represents the Monocacy Creek Watershed Association. After ending a 35 year career in corporate America, he decided it was time to head outside and make a difference. Becoming a PSU Extension Master Watershed Steward opened that door, and, more recently, he stepped into a new role as the President of the MCWA. This work compliments his other interests including hiking, skiing, bee keeping, garlic growing, and about any sport that involves staying active. Happily, Michael’s wife, son, and daughter share similar interests, so he often has helpful volunteers when needed. As a recent retiree, he’s excited about what comes next in the journey, and the environmental work needed in the Lehigh Valley will help define that chapter.

Brad Kunsman
Brad currently serves as the Master Gardener and Master Watershed Steward Extension Educator in the Lehigh and Northampton County Extension Offices. Formerly he served as the 4-H Extension Educator. He holds two degrees, one in Education from Northampton Area Community College and one in Elementary and Kindergarten Education K-6 from Penn State. He comes from a family steeped in agriculture and is passionate about the environment.

He currently serves as the NAE4-HA Senior Regional Communications Director, where he leads a group of passionate 4-H and Youth Development professionals.

Louise BugbeeLouise Bugbee
Louise Bugbee represents the Bertsch, Hokendauqua, Catasauqua Watershed Association. A retired Penn State Extension Educator, she spent 17 years as a mosquito control professional. She is currently working as an independent consultant in various areas of Public Health education.
John_mJohn Mauser
John represents the Martins-Jacoby Watershed Association and has been active in conservation and natural resources for over thirty years, partnering with numerous conservation organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley. His experience includes developing and presenting numerous educational programs, running conferences, writing grants and securing other sources of funding, defining projects, permitting projects, project management, developing partnerships, and so forth.
John_mAndrew Curtis
Andrew Curtis an environmental scientist, conservationist, and suffers from an never ending thirst of all things out of doors and related to natural history. He is employed as the Environmental Manager of the H&K Group, Inc., works with various community groups and non-profits including the Northampton County Junior Conservation School, and the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy. He lives in the Perkiomen Watershed with his wife Kristy and their three boys, two dogs and Andy’s extensive collection of outdoor gear.
Jim OrbinJim Orbin
Jim moved into the Cooks Creek Watershed in 1973 and serves on the WCLV Board as the representative of Cooks Creek Watershed Association. He holds a degree in Environmental Science from Lehigh University and worked for many years in industrial wastewater treatment and air pollution monitoring.
Kate EbelKate Ebel
Kate Ebel is the Senior Environmental Scientist at Wildlands Conservancy and works on a wide range of restoration projects within the Lehigh River Watershed and Lehigh Valley. She works closely with broad-based groups of partners on natural resource stewardship, stream and floodplain restoration, water quality improvement, habitat restoration, and other conservation issues. She enjoys hiking, camping, biking, nature photography, gardening, and experiencing the outdoors in her free time.
Bob SchmidtBob Schmidt
Bob serves as the President of the Fry’s Run Watershed Association, and has been involved with the group for over 15 years. He is interested in all manner of environmental and water quality issues. He turns wood in his free time.
Mike KenneyMike Kenney
Mike Kenney is a Master Watershed Steward and serves as the secretary for the Bushkill Stream Conservancy. He enjoys flyfishing, camping, and hiking, and has been known to paddle a kayak from time to time. When not volunteering for environmental efforts, he works as a Clinical Social Worker in private practice.
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